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What is the difference between your Personal Retreat and renting a cottage for the week or going to a spa hotel?

The main difference between going off on your own to some lovely isolated cottage and coming to a personal retreat is that you have support and company on hand at the retreat – If you want it.

Most Spa Retreats are add-ons to existing hotels or created in that same formal way you are treated in a hotel, whilst renting a cottage or coming to a personal retreat offer a much more flexible living and a home from home welcome.
In my experience most women are happy to travel and to go on holiday alone, but when they’re totally alone in an unfamiliar place there is a wee thread of stress, that is not present when they know that caring people are nearby. Many of my visitors have referred to my retreat as a home from home and that is exactly what I have tried to create.


What do people usually do without a car – do I need to get food on the way, or is there somewhere I can get to easily for provisions?

If you are coming without a car we will be meeting you at the bus turning circle in Tarbert, and you will have the opportunity to buy supplies from the shops, before being taken to Ashwhin.

Alternately, you can send me a shopping list (please make it as detailed as possible) at least a week before you arrive and I can have your goods waiting for you.

Whilst you are here we will also be able to drive you around the area for sightseeing etc., but we will ask a reasonable fee to cover petrol and time.

Can I bring my dog?

If you have a very special dog who is used to living with cats and other dogs, then yes, its possible. My two border collies are very friendly and love playing with other dogs, but my cats hate to be chased by strangers and as this is their home, I cannot allow them being frightened in any way. So we have to have an honest chat before I agree to hosting your pet. One thing for certain is that you may not leave your dog in the retreat alone. Nor can you let your pet off the lead outside or in our home, your dog is totally your responsibility.

Can I bring my child?

It depends on what you want to do. Most people who come are here to get away from demands of family as well as work. However, if you need to bring your child we can consider adapting for this. But I would like to chat to you about it before going ahead.

Can I bring my partner or friend?

Of course you can bring a partner or friend, just bear in mind that there is only one king size  bed, so you have to both be happy with this.

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is very important to us. Any personal information you share with us in any way will never be passed on to anyone else under any circumstances.

How does barter work?

I am totally open to exchanging like for like. So if you are a healer, or have learned a technique or skill that you can pass on, offer me training or introduce me to something wonderful and new; or if you are an artist, crafts person, gardener, fabulous chef…. I’m really happy to negotiate a trade-off for sessions or staying in the flat. If you’re interested  just get in touch!


Terms of Use for Retreat Cottage –

that you agree to by making a booking.


To reserve dates a deposit of £120.00 must be sent by bank transfer or PayPal, this will be non-refundable if the booking is cancelled within the month prior to your arrival.

Please Note:- When you confirm your booking the full fee for accommodation is payable at least one calendar month before your arrival. If you cancel your booking within one calendar month before your arrival date you will remain liable for the full amount.

If you are booking in advance, we would advise that you purchase holiday insurance to protect yourself should you need to cancel the booking at the last moment.

FEE – When You confirm a booking, You agree to pay the full fee for the accommodation  one calendar month ahead of your arrival, and if you cancel your visit within the calendar month you will forfeit the fee.

OTHER FEES -You understand that therapy sessions and workshops are charged separately to the accommodation, and this is normally paid at the end of the stay.

NUMBER OF VISITORS – You agree that the number of people occupying the accommodation must not exceed 2, without prior permission from Derby.

FOUR FOOTED FRIENDS – You understand that no pets of any kind are allowed without prior permission.

DAMAGES – You agree that You are responsible for leaving the retreat cottage clean and tidy and undamaged for the next tenant, and that you will pay for any damage or breakages at their replacement value.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – You agree that no responsibility is accepted by the landlord for any accident, injury or illness to persons or property whilst engaged in any activity within the retreat cottage or within the grounds of the property arising from any cause whatsoever.

RETREAT COTTAGE– You agree that the cottage will be used as a holiday accommodation and for no other purpose whatsoever and You will vacate at termination date agreed without prior warning or process of law. You accept the holiday contract between yourself and the Property Owner is subject to Scottish Law.


Seriously Simple Pricing Policy

pay through PayPal, Bacs, or cash

Retreat Cottage
£72.00 per night first week
£68.00 per night second week
£62.00 per night third week


One to Ones – in person (for all therapies and workshops)
£25 Mini session/taster
£40.00 Regular sessions
half day/double session

Energy Training

Reiki Attunements

£130 Reiki 1  over two day sessions
£170 Reiki 2  1 &1/2 days

I offer Reiki 3 (mastery) in two parts:-

Reiki 3a – £250 for 2 days designed to your needs

Reiki 3b – £450 Mastery with extended support  or 2 day intensive

Munay-ki Initiations

£90.00 per level

Level 1 – first four rights
Level 2 – three Keeper rites,
Level 3 – two universal rites

Flower Essences

All Flower Essences are available in two sizes
10ml bottle for £4.00, 30ml bottle for £10.00
Collections and offers also available

Cards of Triumph Readings     £35 per session

You can Rely on Us


Above all else I promise that your contact information and any personal details you share with us will not ever be shared or sold.


We see the dignity in every person, and honour their right to be accepted as themselves, respected and supported – regardless of status, age, sex, sexual orientation, creed or culture.



In our reviews and recommendations, and in all the information contained on our website, in our articles and training material we will do everything in our power to ensure their accuracy. In discussions and matters of opinion, we will do our best to be fair and open minded.

We deeply care about this lovely planet.

The way we live reflects our love of life and deep respect for this wonderful earth. Like the native American Peoples and all folk who care for this earth, we do our best to tread lightly upon it.

Ecology for Humans

We have a strict no smoking policy

The one big rule is  that no one is allowed to smoke on the property, either inside or outside.



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I can't thank you enough for taking the time to listen. It has been a wonderful rejuvenating experience and I shall look forward to seeing you both again

Etienne Meadville, Pa. USA

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