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So many people doubt their own creativity or talents, but deep inside your intuition is there, and when you allow your intuitive self to connect with your heart, magic happens.

Making this happen is very easy, you just need to begin thinking about all the good stuff you’ve done, the people who are kind and who believe in you, all the things that make you happy, starting from your childhood.

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 Your essential self is the the doorway to spirit, every one of us has this connection, this well of imagination and joy in making.

Painting for Journey

Whether we like it or not, we ALL learn our most valuable and fundamental life lessons from the most difficult and challenging times we live through, in recognising this and accepting this we clear the way for moving on

         What is Art for Journey?

This is the name I have given the process of engaging with colours, paint, paper,  (and potentially any other art and craft materials) as part of (or all of) your self-discovery time.

It is essential in this process to put down the societal definitions of beauty and what art is,to allow yourself complete freedom to be creative in a very different way that you will likely have worked at school or college. It is about tapping into your core energy, letting your inner self be in the driver seat, and your internal judge and critical mind to be disengaged.

  • forget art in terms of ‘doing it right’,
  • fine art,
  • competition
  • or any of the things you learned at school!
  • Just let go,
  • let your heart grab a brush,
  • let your eye be drawn to a colour,
  • then play, enjoy, explore, overpaint…. pause, walk around, come back and cover up a corner, re-fresh a colour. Take your time, let resistance come and go, don’t fight it, let it be. Fear may arise when you look at your work- if so know that this fear is not yours, but a product of the society in which you were raised – defy it. If you are uncomfortable with a portion of your painting, go with it, make it more, explore it, leave silly judgement behind, it has no place in the dance of colour and shape.

This process is about accepting your own images, your own colors, trusting these allows you to transcend the rules, to go beyond who you thought you were, to allow your wildness to be born.


Vision Boards

Vision boards are exactly what you want them to be, artistic, wordy, chaotic, clear; have a go and see what your subconscious has to say to you
Wise words to speed you on your way:-

Vision Boards are a very powerful tool in changing times – and lets face it these are the times of change! The process is really simple to explain, but the unfolding process of what you learn is on another level completely.

Before you do anything at all, take some “me time”  to talk to yourself.

Let your situation float around in your mind, push away judgements of good, bad, right, wrong
By really thinking about where you are now with as few negative thoughts as possible, you may find that you are given a gift or an affirmation of the lesson(s) these circumstances have given you.

Before you can move forward, you will need to release the past, the best way to do this is to forgive yourself for being human, own the learning and new wisdom you have gained in the here and now place, then gently, respectfully push it away.

Let the now fade, put it on “the back burner”.

Once you have given yourself a little inner head space, you can start focusing on tomorrow. Are you looking for affirmation or help to see the larger picture? Don’t give a moments thought about how you will get there, think about the wonderful target:-

Think about what you’re looking forward to or dreaming of -
 new job, 
new relationship, 
new you, 
new look, 
new life?

Find yourself a comfortable place to spread out, and chill out. 
Play some relaxing or inspiring music. 
Make sure you won’t be interrupted
Let it unfold as it will:- If you get fed up or stuck, walk away, do something else, take a break. When you’re ready collect some photos or cuttings that touch you,when you’re ready find a blank paper and play around on it with your many choices. Together they will touch you deeply.




Dreams are the gifts of your subconscious used to communicate with your conscious self, all dreams have a purpose, but not all dreams are filled with wisdom and message. Those that are can be fabulous, you just have to capture them and work with them to find the gift

 Remembering our dreams – It helps to have a regular sleep pattern, and the more relaxed you are when you go to sleep (and regarding the issue of remembering your dreams) the better. Be patient with yourself, especially if you normally don’t remember your dreams. You need to gently allow yourself quiet time and space to access them. It can help to tell yourself to remember you dreams before you go to sleep.

Keeping a dream Diary – It is a good idea to keep a pen and paper by the bed so you can jot things down immediately upon waking. Write everything you remember down, don’t edit – include every detail you can remember – colours, objects, people, feelings, movement.

Finding the meaning – Once you have it all down on paper, you can start analysing what your dream means to you



Visioning is a broad subject, simply because looking forward has been an important process used by shaman, wise men and women, spiritual leaders, clairvoyants, all over the world for thousands of years. Many of these are still with us and can be very helpful and utterly fascinating.My visioning is captured in my Cards,

Dreamwork – dreams are the mechanism your subconscious uses to communicate with your conscious self, all dreams have a purpose, but not all dreams are filled with wisdom and message. Those that are can be fabulous, you just have to capture them and work with them to find the gift

Journaling – writing everything, anything is cathartic and can open your eyes to you

Orkney studio

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