Ways to Heal Yourself...


Trust your body

Your body is your temple, it is best to be aware of your body, to take time, if only for a few minutes, every day to just sit quietly in a private place where you won’t be disturbed.

Sit, listen to your breathing, listen to your heart, close your eyes and concentrate on your whole body.

This can take you into sleep if you are not sleeping as well as you need, so make sure you change your routine, ideally 8 hours is best for everyone, but we need more under stress; the time of year can effect you too, as often winter keeps you attached to bed and summer allows far less sleep. Give yourself some “me time”All year round.

Remember that each and every cell is alive, and your muscles and organs all work together to keep you fit and whole

Concentrating on breathing is the first step into meditation, which is one of the best practices for clearing your mind   So keep going, even when something slows you down, be it long grey days or personal disappointments, just keep going step by step, baby steps are best.

Be kind to you

Be your own best friend, see yourself and accept yourself just as you are – not easy I know unless you’re already very wise and beautiful,

One of the simplest ways of being happy is to banish any negative thoughts, if you have a negative voice in your head, this is the best place to start, don’t let that voice control you – challenge it instead. Do what you really want to do as much as possible, and make sure that “no” is firmly in your vocabulary, so you don’t get bullied by others

Remember the good times, think of the things you love, and keep things that remind you of loving times close.


You are energy

Everything is made of energy which is why there are so many ways that we can heal our bodies.

Movement is essential to us all, so do what you love. Dance, practice yoga, ti-chi, chi-kung acrobatics or whatever sport grabs you, or just walk, or climb in the natural world of woodland and hills.

People all over the world have been using the ancient ways of healing, and now they are all available for you to learn about, and of course there are now newer processes – like tapping, that combines speaking aloud things that you wish to work with, whilst tapping specific energy paths and points with the tips of your fingers.

Keep moving, whether you are into sports, gardening, dance, walking, creating or whatever gives you pleasure, keep it up.

Try new things.

Just don’t turn into a forever  couch potato, or damage yourself by staring at the computer all the time, you can damage your eyes, your back, and more. So be kind and caring of yourself.


inner connection

Because you are alive here on this wonderful magical planet, you are connected to Gaia, to all that lives here too. It is the loss of understanding of the importance of our connection to nature that makes our society is such a mess

And that humans have become so ignorant about the beauty, the worth and the usefulness of every element, creature and plant in every ecosystem.

Of course the connection’s  still there, we’ve just all been taught to ignore or desecrate it.


It’s Easy

Everything you ever wanted or needed is already inside both the physically and spiritually you. All you need to do is love, respect and take care of your body; movement is essential; so is sleep; so is a good balanced diet of organic food. Just be aware, live in the moment and figure out the many options that are best for you.

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