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Three Types of Massage


Head, neck and shoulders massage

This is just what it sounds like – and perfect for those of you who sit at a desk or behind the wheel of a car and thus have loads of tension in the neck and shoulders. The head side of this is based on Indian head massage, and if you would like to have oils, just let Derby know.

I created Featherbright to give people a chance to combine the wonderful properties of natural oils with a very much lighter massage than is often given by aromatherapists. This will be particularly helpful for people under extreme stress, those recovering from mental trauma and loss, or from physical injury or surgery. It is also gentle and comforting enough for all stages of pregnancy.This is the only one of the three massages offered where you may choose to be undressed, so it’s a good idea to let me know if you require this, so I can make sure the room is warm enough for comfort.


Light touch
For Light-touch I use a massage chair, that supports you so well that you feel like you are floating – and that is before I begin the massage. Also using the chair means that you are fully clothed. It is particularly useful for people with tension and pain in their spine, arms, neck and shoulders, and can be very effective in reducing headaches and in promoting improved sleep patterns. It focuses on releasing tension from the musculature of the body through gentle repetitive strokes. It also helps to unblock the flow of energy by reducing tension and easing constriction throughout your system. Light-touch brings about deep relaxation and a sense of buoyancy to mind and body.


Four sorts of energy healing

Metamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic Technique is an extremely gentle and profound method of touch therapy that is invaluable when you feel stuck in a bad place, in an unhealthy behaviour pattern or simply feel like you can’t climb out of the emotional/mental pool of confusion. It is designed to reach deep within you to access and stimulate the core that is your higher self or blueprint.It is immensely relaxing, and works on the energetic level and the nervous system to help you handle and enjoy change.

Many people choose to receive the Metamorphic Technique during times of change or upheaval in their lives:- when they are coping with bereavement, moving house, changing job, facing redundancy, divorce or any other challenging situation in which they find themselves.

Reflexology is a specific  technique is applied to reflex points in the feet (and sometimes the hands) which correspond with all parts of your body. Stimulating these reflex points encourages the body to heal itself, restoring and maintaining natural equilibrium, as well as promoting relaxation and a general sense of well being.

The aim of reflexology is to restore the free flow of energy and blood circulation to your whole body, which may be in a state of imbalance – particularly after illness, injury or periods of stress. And it can be used as an excellent means of preventative medicine, ensuring a full re-balancing of your system – which is often put out of alignment by stress, fatigue, worry and the daily challenges of life.

Reiki is an energy therapy, where the healer taps into the energy of life, referred to as chi. this energy healing  can be felt and directed on many levels, allowing reiki healing to including all types of pain, emotional upset, and inner confusion.Reiki is wonderful for preventing any negative energy , and can often deflect any bugs before you are caught by them.

Shamanic Healing

The benefits of shamanic healing are many and varied. Many people claim to feel lighter, freer and happier after only one session. Shamanic healing focuses on energetic clearing and then on bringing a person back to wholeness. 

As toxic emotional debris is cleared from your energy field, valuable life force energy is released and utlised by the physical and energy bodies, thus greatly improving health, boosting immunity and often preventing disease.

In the shamanic worldview, power and maintaining health go hand in hand, if the body is power-full, there is no room for illness or disease, which are often regarded as an invasive force.

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