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Let Derby show you the place inside yourself where everything is possible

Relax and Unwind

To relax and unwind, you allow yourself to be the recipient, all you need to do is let go and enjoy

Massage is wonderful for all ages and needs, touch itself can heal and be magical. I offer three types that inspired me when I studied different ways from all over the world:- Light Touch, Head and Shoulders and Featherbright

Along with the massage, we offer

  • Reiki,
  • the Metamorphic Technique,
  • Reflexology
  • Shamanic healing.

having been to counselors very early on, (back when it was a terrifying idea to go to
(“a shrink”) I met and worked with some of the most kind, real and special people I’ve ever met, each and every one has inspired me to follow their light.

It is my joy to share all the many things I’ve learned over the years,but I cannot cram it all in here, so I’ve made a small list of the five most important areas of healing and helping:-

Relax and Unwind

Firm and Kind Support

Ways to heal yourself

Learning to Heal Others

Your Creative Self


On this page you’ll find  activities that fit under the  5 areas I’ve listed and a brief description of them. To learn more detailed information simply go to the page covering that area, you will find the links to all five pages from this page and from the drop down under You Choose on the main navigation bar in the header.


And the Change…oh yes the change. We truly must embrace it!

Firm and Kind Support

  1. Active listening,
  2. accepting every thing as it is, and
  3. unconditional love
    These three are the building blocks of care

My favourite subject was and still is  psychosynthesis – the first theory in the west to recognise that we are more than body, mind and heart, but also connected to spirit & soul. Soon after I opened Ashwhin, I was asked for help and advice. At the time I was interested in life coaching, and counseling and connecting with spirit so I fused the three together, calling the therapy Enabling.

The support I offer now has continued to grow from this time, counselor and coach tend to look on the outside. Psychosynthesis was the door inside leading to dreams and plans for future, my recent path is based on ancient wisdom and inner truths, on what is real, beneath the plastic, hidden in the dark below the fears, the doubts, the uncertainty of our paradigm





Ways to heal yourself

There are loads of great ideas, great paths. I’ve tried many of them, read, experienced, learned and tried out loads of things. After 40 plus years I’ve returned home, to self. There are so many wonderful tools to help you find your strength, your power, your wisdom, your intuition. And, Yes there are masses of distractions, and so much of what we have been taught, or learned by listening to what others said that we can lose touch with our true self.

  • Trust your body
  • Be kind to you
  • Keep moving
  • inner connecting
  • Let go




Learn to Heal Others

Reiki attunements are quite unlike any other type of training. This is because there is nothing intellectual about the process. The student is not required to go through months or years of study to be able to give Reiki, nor are they expected to pass any exam or test to gain a certificate.

  • Magnified Healing
  • Reiki
  • The Nine Rites of Munay-ki
  • Shamanic healing Shamanic healing was once the only healing, thousands of years ago when humans knew themselves to be connected to nature and to the spirit of all living things, sensitivity and the ability to work on energetic levels is like combining reiki with all ancient ritual


Your Creative Self

Our society worships competition and greed, so we are taught  to doubt our own creativity and talents, but deep inside your intuition is there, and when you allow your intuitive self to connect with your heart, magic happens. Making this happen is very easy, you just need to begin thinking about the good stuff you’ve done, the people who are kind, all the things that make you happy, starting from your childhood.

  • Painting for Journey
  • Vision Boards
  • Journaling
  • Visioning

Full Details

Seriously Simple Pricing Policy

pay through PayPal, Bacs, or cash

One to Ones – in person (for all therapies and workshops)
£25Mini session/tester
£40.00 Regular sessions
half day/double session

Energy Training

Reiki Attunements

£130 Reiki 1  over two day sessions
£170 Reiki 2  1 &1/2 days

I offer Reiki 3 (mastery) in two parts.

Reiki 3a – £250 for 2 days designed to your needs;

Reiki 3b – £450 Mastery with extended support  or 2 day intensive

Munay-ki Initiations

Munay £90.00 per level
Level 1 – first four rights
Level2 – three Keeper rites,
Level 3 – two universal rites

Flower Essences

All Flower Essences are available in two sizes
10ml bottle for £4.00, 30ml bottle for £10.00
Collections and offers also available

Cards of Triumph Readings     £35 per session

Come to release, to connect with nature &‘Just Be You’...
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Another lovely stay. Its great to be back again and see everyone. Its just like coming home.

Susan Aberdeen Scotland

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