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 Begin here -Things

always happen for a reason

Change is inevitable, and fundamental to living despite

what this mad bureaucracy has taught us.When whispers

of change echoed all around Dunstaffnage it soon became

obvious that Ashwhin was definitely going

to be run out of town.

We wouldn’t have been able to offer the peace and privacy a good retreat requires once all the building began. So we looked out for a better place, a place where there were no plans for building nearby, a place of wild beauty I’d always yearned for, but most importantly in a place where my dogs and cats were safe, where next door farmers didn’t kill cats.


 So I leapt upon the wave

of change

Looking at places we might want to settle into ended up being between Dumfries & Galloway or Orkney. And for me there was no question that Orkney was the most special, magical, inspirational, and all that I needed. We found a lovely little farmhouse, where Ashwhin retreat was settled upstairs, creativity was in the big out building and we all were mostly outside or gathered in front of the sitting room fire.  We met some very special people on Shapinsay, there at our wonderful Loch End.

And we would still be there, inspired by the light, clouds of changing colour, the people, the history. But change still had a purpose. A Cardiologist from Germany was the locum on Shapinsay and if he had not recognised that the heart condition I was born with had returned, I would not be alive.

I was blessed with nearly two wonderful years on Orkney, with many very special visitors and the fabulous weaving energies of ancient days and living fully attached to Gaia. So I spent those zillions of lovely moments visiting several of the Orkney islands, breathing in the exquisite positive energies all around me.


And then I leapt back again for my own safety

Without the twelve and a half hours of open heart surgery by an amazing surgeon in Glasgow I would not be here

So here I am, reaching out to you wonderful people

I’m here when you need me

Without the twelve and a half hours of open heart surgery by an amazing surgeon in Glasgow Derby would not be here

Baby Steps 

stuborness and

hopeful vision

carried me through the chaotic process of recovery

As my fabulous consultant had told us, It would take between 3 and 6 years for me to return to anything like full health, and there was no guarantee.

Knowing how to heal yourself is not as easy as healing others, and knowing every way imaginable in your head is not anything like actually doing it yourself. Believe me!

But we all can do anything we really truly want to do.

The truth is that every moment is precious, every event has a reason, and no matter how terrifying, hurtful or ecstatically wondrous, there is purpose. A gift and a lesson always appear, to guide and help you.

Ashwhin and Derby were taken on a wild and unexpected series of moves  but somehow kept safe through two big moves, three not so big or nice ones and now we’re back in Argyll

Change is Everywhere

So be prepared for continuous change, distraction, and everything else around. Unless coerced none of us can force another to do something against their will. So the real way to live life is to trust yourself, not your head or even your heart. Your core, where you are connected with your instinct, your inner deepest self that is your true connection to spirit, deity, whatever you want to call it. And it is also the source of sensual and sexual fire.OK, I’m going too far, but I’m not really. Our bodies are our friends

To get fit and keep fit you need to help to  renew your energy by keeping going, by  movement , by learning and by rest , focus on self – reconnecting to your inner strength and power, so that you can tap into your full potential and discover your own true path live it, breath it, walk it!








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Very many thanks for your hospitality. You have shown the most extraordinary kindness to me and mine and we shall most definitely return

Linda & Stuart Newarthill Scotland

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