Ashwhin is a Way of living – naturally, joyfully, uniquely

 After I lost my supposedly “nice safe job” at Border TV, there was a dollop of fear and tears,but within half an hour I realised I was free to  move north to Scotland,the home of my dreams.

And so Ashwhin came to be,



Shaping a good ethical business




 I opened Ashwin on 4th December 1999 at Dunstaffnage, Dunbeg by Oban in Argyll.

Having always been attracted to healing and helping people,  I chose to work for myself, to create a wonderful place where people can come to be comforted and safe. Given support and training, and inspiration with the aim of ensuring visitors recognise and own their own natural skills, and potential. I also wanted to build a business that gives me the space to be creative, to grow and develop, so that the work is a joy and a gift to my friends and clients and visitors and to me too.

Ashwhin was created to be a place apart. A place where you could explore and learn, or you could just rest and relax.

 Ashwhin’s uniqueness is more a way of living than a business. I am deeply connected to the earth, its rhythms and its magic. I have always been fascinated by the beauty, the flow of energies and am heart led in all that I do.



Ashwhin grew organically, in answer to the desires and needs of the people who came. At first I offered only massage and reflexology, but soon I was giving training workshops, more healing, and coaching. There was always enough time and space and new ideas, so that everything grew and blossomed in the early years. And by 2004 we were ready to add a place where people could actually stay longer than a couple of hours – a personal retreat for one or two people to visit for the length of time they wished for.

This precious time allows visitors to reconnect more completely, daily evolving a way of being in touch with the spirit of nature. Regaining  the self that so many people had unknowingly lost during their early years of being raised with the strictures, rules, expectations,  prejudices and fears of the current paradigm.

Positive energies also built up and strengthened my own creativity. I created many flower essences as a way of giving visitors some of the healthy energies of Ashwhin to take home. These were inspired by the Bach remedies and a wonderful visit to Achamore Gardens on the island of Gigha.

Why Ashwhin?

My search for the right name for my dream business was great fun. From my earliest childhood I loved all the old stories and fairy tales. And ever since have been fascinated by the similarities between folk lore, plant lore, healers and herbalists from ancient times to now. So the name of my business simply had to reflect the green magic of Gaia –

ASH Tree  representing the magic and power of the three faces of the goddess within us all

WHIN an ancient name for gorse that holds the universal love energy that is and connects all life.

We started the first Personal Retreat in Scotland

Our personal retreat is an holistic retreat with a difference – YOU are in charge

Ashwhin Retreat started this way and has continued happily, since then many visitors have come and gone. Many come because they are touched by past websites, or they’ve heard about Ashwhin from a friend or family member who enjoyed meeting us. Many of our visitors have become friends and some people return, a delight for me and a fine compliment.

We had several lovely years in Dunstaffnage, but everything changes – magical years of growing, of bonding with Gaia, mother nature, Of learning to trust myself and the universe, the core, spirit energy that connects  all living entities

And it was wonderful, we met so many interesting, charming people. Caring people, it would take a vast book to tell you all the stories, the dreams, the things that held our people back and those that helped them fly free, and how they learned to shed the hurtful stuff, to trust their own core and follow their dreams.

Ashwhin in Dunstaffnage , our dream lived for eleven years years, naturally, joyfully, uniquely.

Come to release, to connect with nature &‘Just Be You’...
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I came here looking for the strength to step over the line and to be ready to start another chapter and I found it. Derby and her animals have created a special kind of place here at Ashwhin.

Mellissa Bedfordshire

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