Ashwhin was the first Personal Retreat in Scotland.

It is the place to be rejuvenated and escape the pressures of daily life, take things at your own pace, be in charge of your own path, with the guidance of a unique lady. Ashwhin has grown and developed since opening, and has now moved to a new location, it is certainly beyond my wildest dreams, and I so look forward to sharing it with you.

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Created for you…

Welcome to all people who need a safe haven away from the chaos of city and business life, a place of stillness and beauty; Where rules and expectations are gently replaced by true respect and unconditional loving care.

The place itself is inspirational, beautiful year round, in an area filled with wonderful things to do and see – from stone circles to beaches, gardens to seaside villages – but especially the peace, privacy and tranquility that drew me here to Clachaig.

About Ashwhin

Ashwhin is that safe haven you have been looking for.

People have come from all over the world, from South Africa to Canada, from Russia to California. Everyone has come with their own story and needs, and everyone has found something of use here, though of course none were identical. Whether your visit to Ashwhin, is for an hour of therapy or a couple of weeks of a “you time” holiday, is in your hands.

You are invited to explore your inner self, as so many visitors before, and you will leave feeling renewed, and enthusiastic. Here you choose from a wide range of things to do or not. One of my visitors came after a stressful move, and spent the week reading with a cat on her knee, when she left she felt calm, content and ready to face the world. Other visitors have used the retreat as just a rather special holiday, exploring the local area rich in history and brimming with natural beauty and welcoming local residents.  Whatever you do you will stay in a home from home, unlike any other, a place where the pressure of time and space is lifted and you are free to reconnect with the sacred natural world.Far away from the crazy sick “society” we are living in and that disconnects us from our true selves.

Our healing room is open  all year round. Open to residents and visitors to the area, and of course open to people staying at the Personal Retreat. Here we offer three types of massage, plus reflexology, reiki, metamorphic technique, enabling and life coaching.

Our personal retreat is an holistic retreat with a difference – YOU are in charge – to do as much or as little as you like, to enjoy the relaxing therapies, to choose from a unique range of workshops, or simply exploring this lovely area of Scotland.

The studio is the favourite place to paint, to write, to create and to share, it is a perfect place for workshops and exploring your creative self.

And the healing room can also be used as a place to study or meditate, when no one is receiving a therapy.

Your Retreat


Ashwhin, the place to come to be rejuvenated and escape the pressures of every day life. Where you can mend the hurt and fundamentally be you… take things at your own pace and be in charge of your own healing with the guidance of a unique lady.

My aim in the first year of Ashwhin’s re-birth is to get out there again, to reach out and tell people, that at long last I’m fit enough and ready to do all the things I love most. Essentially what I do is share everything I’ve learned over the many years. Starting at the age of 9 with massage by my dear mum. Since then I’ve been a sponge, learning about people, healing, past wisdom, new ideas – all things that will inspire,fascinate, and improve our well being.

All I really want to do is help everyone I can. It’s my way of making this world a better place.

Our Purpose…

Our purpose is to introduce you to your true self, your deep strength and loving heart, to open your eyes to your wisdom and power.

Derby is your confidant, friend, and helper enabling you to facilitate and explore all the areas that are holding you back from having a happy and fulfilled life, and find your true path with the beauty of the natural surroundings, sea and air and open skies, in touch with yourself and the universe


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